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Clive Crook

Political commentator

Clive Crook is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He was chief Washington commentator for the Financial Times, a correspondent and editor for the Economist and a senior editor at the Atlantic.

This Month

Is it time to give Putin an off-ramp?

The Russian president’s nuclear threats have changed the acceptable cost of his defeat. It may be repugnant but necessary to offer him a fig-leaf concession.


Have some sympathy for the US Fed

Deciding the optimum interest rate is notoriously difficult. All things considered, the US central bank should push rates up a little faster.


Centrists need to fight toxic populists with sincere populism

Emmanuel Macron’s likely defeat of Marine Le Pen is a striking example of why the political centre needs to acknowledge the legitimacy of the complaints that draw voters to fringe candidates.

March 2020

Lives v livelihoods: a tragic trade-off

The balance between safety and cost is baked into normal life. The dilemma still applies as governments weigh shutting down the economy to suppress COVID-19.