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Karen Maley


Karen Maley writes on banking and finance, specialising in financial services, private equity and investment banking. Karen is based in Sydney. Connect with Karen on Twitter. Email Karen at [email protected]

This Month

Why the RBA’s Phil Lowe has split from his central banking peers

Australian borrowers are more sensitive to rate rises than their US counterparts, which is why the Reserve Bank can take a different path.

Chalmers needs to tread carefully on Reserve Bank changes

Packing more professional economists and monetary policy experts onto the Reserve Bank board will only lead to more confusion and mixed messages.

When will the Fed ease the market anguish?

The Fed is unlikely to ride to the rescue of distressed global financial markets any time soon, despite the continuing carnage.

Lessons for Jim Chalmers in UK market meltdown

The UK market meltdown demonstrates it’s a bad time to do anything that suggests Canberra is now open to retrospective legislation.

Alarm bells are ringing with global markets in growing disarray

Investors are bracing for a worsening market rout as liquidity evaporates and soaring interest rates cause financial strategies to unravel.



Central bankers move towards tighter crypto rules

Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell says the global surge in interest rates has exposed significant structural issues in the DeFi ecosystem.

The new financial guessing game: How low markets will go?

Investors are dumping bonds and stocks on fears of interest rates, the threat of a global recession, and the plunging UK and Chinese currencies. But how low will markets go?

An extremely dangerous cocktail for markets

Anxiety levels are rising as investors face a highly explosive cocktail of rising interest rates, falling asset prices, tighter financial conditions, and a bleaker economic backdrop.

Bracing for a fresh eurozone debt crisis

Hedge funds are lifting their bets on a sharp rise in Italian bond yields after Italians elected an extreme-right coalition to lead the country.

Markets have many traits that led to the ’87 crash

Investors are in a world of pain as central banks curtail their experiment with ultra-low interest rates, while analysts point to the parallels with the 1987 market collapse.

Will super execs game the system this time around?

The sharp decline in global bonds and equities means that, if they haven’t already done so, super funds will cut the value of their unlisted assets.

Why Powell is finally using the R word

For the first time, Fed boss Jerome Powell has publicly entertained the prospect that the world’s largest economy could be headed for a recession.

The ‘wacky dynamic’ at play in private equity

Private equity firms are on the hunt for new capital at a time when institutional investors are growing alarmed at the trend for buyout groups to sell companies to themselves.

Why we should worry about the deepening cracks in credit markets

Top investment banks have been burnt by the souring credit market, but even those who invest in supposedly safe ‘investment grade’ corporate bond funds are at higher risk.

Powell faces a market sell-off whatever he does

Until last month, investors were sceptical the Fed would imperil shares by pushing ahead with the most aggressive tightening of monetary policy since the early 1980s.


We’re now in the fourth and final act of the super bubble collapse

If legendary investor Jeremy Grantham is right, we’re now entering the vicious, and most brutal, phase in the collapse of the “super bubble” in share, bond and house prices.

Reserve Bank can finally afford to ease the pace of rate rises

With its latest rate rise, the Reserve Bank now has monetary policy on a neutral setting, which means it can move more gingerly with future rate rises.

Financial markets brace for a liquidity crunch

Investors are becoming increasingly anxious as the US central bank sets about shrinking its bloated $13 trillion balance sheet.

Jim Chalmers’ rude awakening from his super dream

Behind closed doors, the big industry super funds have clearly told the Albanese government that they’ll only invest in ‘national priorities’ if the risk/return ratio improves.


The global risk of an emerging market debt crisis

Investors are becoming increasingly anxious that a systemic sovereign debt crisis could be brewing.