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AFP makes first arrest related to Optus breach

The AFP has arrested a 19-year-old Sydney man who allegedly used leaked phone numbers to blackmail people who had their details posted online.

  • Lucas Baird

This Month

‘Dangerous combination’: boards asleep on cyber risk

Just 52 per cent of Australian respondents believed their company was at risk of a material cyberattack in the next 12 months, a survey taken before the Optus hack shows.

  • Lucas Baird

Optus chief calls for a ‘united front’, says attacks premature

She is frustrated by the Albanese government’s barbs after two ministers called a press conference to accuse the telco of failing to co-operate with requests.

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  • Lucas Baird

Telcos on high alert for SIM-jacking amid Optus breach fallout

Telstra and TPG Telecom are on high alert for criminals looking to steal phone numbers of victims of the Optus data breach.

  • Max Mason


Optus’ ‘opaque’ Singapore owner faces scrutiny over hacking attack

Corporate governance experts say the conduct of the company’s Singaporean parent and its 12-member board has not faced proper scrutiny.

  • Lucas Baird and Mark Di Stefano

Optus gets a boost from the ACCC

After a horror 10 days that began with the disclosure of a massive data breach, Optus has been given some positive news from the competition regulator’s preliminary assessment of the Telstra network sharing deal with TPG.

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  • Tony Boyd

Companies ignoring privacy laws by storing people’s data: lawyers

Lawyers say businesses keep treasure troves of customers’ personal data, despite laws against doing so, because of the commercial benefits.

  • Hannah Wootton

AFP launches Operation Guardian as it watches dark web for Optus leads

Assistant commissioner Justine Gough said the law enforcement agency would announce “further measures” to protect victims on Friday.

  • Lucas Baird

S&P warns on Optus churn, market share

S&P Global has warned Optus that the damage incurred from the loss of more than 9.8 million former and current users’ personal details may lead to higher customer churn and pressure on market share at the telco.

  • Updated
  • Lucas Baird, Jonathan Shapiro and Andrew Tillett

Banks, Treasury team up to protect Optus customers

The government is set to approve the use of a little-known independent agency to transfer sensitive data between Optus and banks to protect customers from hacking.

  • Lucas Baird, Tony Boyd and Andrew Tillett

We need answers from Optus, but all are vulnerable to cyberattacks

Amid the finger pointing, there should be no real shock about the massive data breach at Australia’s second-largest telco.

  • The AFR View

Optus hack ‘could happen to anyone’ ex-Telstra boss warns

David Thodey says every company will be hacked sooner or later and urged boards to be “vigilant” about online security.

  • John Kehoe

‘Teach Optus a lesson’: class actions over cyber hack grow

Maurice Blackburn is also considering a class action against the telco, while rival Slater + Gordon gets “unprecedented” interest from possible claimants.

  • Hannah Wootton

Optus customers are still at risk even if data deleted

Thousands of Australians caught up in the Optus data breach remain at risk even if the hacker followed through with promises to delete their details.

  • Max Mason

Take away the hackers’ honeypot: ban ransom payments

Cybercriminals attack Australia because it is rich and pays up. If we collectively refused, they would move on.

  • Fergus Hanson

Optus a part-time gig for CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin

What was Kelly Bayer Rosmarin doing with her time since joining Optus?

  • Michael Roddan

Optus, banks scramble to share data as fraud fears rises

Treasurer Jim Chalmers said regulators have been meeting all week to figure out how to share Optus data with banks so they can protect victims of the breach from fraud and identity theft.

  • Updated
  • Lucas Baird, Campbell Kwan and Andrew Tillett

Optus smart to get cyber insurance

Optus will be able to mitigate a portion of the costs of a cyberattack that looks to have left the details of up to 9.8 million customers floating around on the dark web.

  • Tony Boyd

Optus attack a wake-up call for boards

This is one of the great corporate debacles in terms of brand damage. The CEO might ask her new hire, former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, for advice.

  • Jennifer Hewett

‘Very sorry’: Optus hacker claims data has been deleted

The alleged hacker claims to have deleted the data, but details of more than 10,000 Australians already released have popped up in new posts.

  • Max Mason