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Letters to the Editor


Tax cuts essential to equity

Sad state of politics highlighted by fear; A tax on the wealthy the only fair course; Send in the King of Australia; Video kills the star teacher.

This Month

Letters: Energy crisis and rising prices

Energy transition: costs and risks, Kevin Rudd responds to Simon Birmingham, Julie Bishop and the teal independents.


Letters: Super and the Aussie dream

Superannuation funds and home ownership, stamp duty bracket creep, ASX and share trading, varying petrol prices, identity verification, gas price caps, Gerry Harvey.

Letters: How to reduce identity theft

Optus data breach, identity theft and cybersecurity, super funds and dividends, COVID-19 pandemic, ‘green’ beef, gender pay gap, KPMG’s ‘gay’ question.

Let’s also talk about our tired old tax system

Our antiquated tax system deserves a national discussion.


Gaslighting over costs of energy switch

The hidden cost of dumping gas

UN highlights Torres Strait plight

The United Nations Human Rights Committee found that the Australian government was violating its human rights obligations to Torres Strait Islanders

Letters: A big win for Indigenous rights

Tiwi Islanders win against Santos, Moorebank traffic problems, Queensland land tax, history of British India, bank complaints, addiction to pokies.

Letters: Rising contempt for customers

Qantas’ poor service reflected in other companies too, Voice to parliament, legacy of British Empire, Henderson and NCC, tax cuts, property prices, fossil gas.

Letters: Too soon to spurn our UK links

Australian republic: timing and model, holiday for the Queen, Jim Bain and The Australia Institute, stage three tax cuts.

Letters: Public holiday fit for a Queen?

Public holiday on Queen’s death, Australia’s constitutional status, chairman backs Qantas CEO, philanthropist Brian Sherman, RBA review, jobs going offshore.

Letters: Push for constitutional change

Indigenous Voice and the republic debate, public holidays, King Charles and the environment, Qantas’ busy chairman, financial advice, RBA review.

Letters: Affection, respect and gratitude for the Queen

Outpouring of love for the Queen, prospects of a republic, lack of trust in lawyers, carbon storage, financial advice.

Letters of September 9, 2022: Inflation headlines hide reality

RBA, Interest rates, inflation, Queensland, land tax, green power, renewables

Letters of 8 September 2022: Alarm bells over RBA ‘guidance’

RBA, interest rate, superannuation, home ownership, teals, Victoria, mining companies, resources profits, Bill Kelty


Letters: Dancing to the unions’ tune

Jobs summit and the role of business, unions and the ALP; Pilbara injustice; People’s Choice-Heritage Bank merger; climate “wars” and action.

Letters of 2 September 2022: Summit must bring fresh ideas

Jobs and Skills Summit, jobs, skills, nurses, superannuation, tax concessions


Letters of 26 August 2022: Super can’t fund Labor wishlist

Superannuation, Jim Chalmers, social infrastructure building, Scott Morrison, EV, renewables

Letters: Lessons from industry super funds

Industry super and investment, respect for head of state, Voice to parliament, wage growth and data, Kevin Rudd and the Murdochs.

Letters: Morrison’s multiple ministries

Scott Morrison: secrecy and the Constitution, the uses of superannuation, student wellbeing at school.