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Energy & Climate


Sydney drenched by wettest year on record

The city is in the midst of its wettest year on record as widespread drenching rain puts many parts of western NSW on flood alert.

  • Jack Gramenz and Phoebe Loomes

This Month

Fight over carbon offsets heats up following β€˜tap of crap’ warning

β€œThe minute you fix integrity, prices will go through the roof – the tap of crap will be turned off,” says former climate policy watchdog Andrew Macintosh.

  • Jacob Greber

The dying outback town where every breath can be toxic

Once a symbol of economic prosperity, Wittenoom now stands as one of Australia’s greatest industrial tragedies.

  • Yan Zhuang


Miners demand protection from carbon credit β€˜speculators’

More than 100 of Australia’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters from the mining industry want Labor to cap the price of scarce carbon credits to stop speculators making offsets so costly that resources firms are forced to prematurely close mines.

  • Updated
  • Jacob Greber

Academics unpack carbon metrics and markets

Researchers are hoping to provide businesses with a reliable assessment of the pathways needed to achieve the goals of Paris agreement.

  • Alexandra Cain

Integrated energy solution may work best in the near term

Horizon Power’s Denham project is demonstrating the power of combining various renewables into a single project.

  • Mark Eggleton

Energy revolution alone can save commitment to net zero

Every sector of the economy will be affected as the nation chases the net-zero commitment. It’s a gigantic task needing relentless execution.

  • Tony Wood

Change in the air as offshore wind prepares for take-off

Offshore wind has emerged as a key component of Australia’s energy mix, as it transitions away from fossil fuels.

  • Colin Packham

Chasing talent a tough gig for start-ups

The clean energy sector has been forced to think outside the box to overcome chronic skills shortages.

  • Nina Hendy

Sustainability standards will reset risk profiles for businesses

Incoming sustainability reporting standards due later this year are shaping the mid-term agenda for companies.

  • Agnes King

Solar uptake shows the true power of renewables

As geopolitical factors threaten energy security around the world, Australia’s adoption of solar power is quietly establishing a new global reputation.

  • Therese Raft

Scientists breaking the barriers to market for clean energy ideas

CSIRO’s researchers are showing the pathway for great renewable energy projects to be translated into workable technologies.

  • Alexandra Cain

Laggard Australia has a long way to go with electric vehicles

Australia is late in taking to electric vehicles, but all is not lost as second-mover advantages can be useful in avoiding the mistakes of other nations.

  • Agnes King

Renewables take over at a disused fossil fuels site

Perth’s greendustrial southern corridor focuses on the future

  • Ruth Callaghan

Australian cities can harness the power of the ocean

Research shows wave energy could contribute up to 11 per cent of Australia’s energy β€” enough to power a city the size of Melbourne β€” by 2050.

  • Christopher Niesche

Biogas targets get ambitious

A bioenergy plan states that biogas will account for 23 per cent of the total pipeline gas market by 2030.

  • Christopher Niesche

Commodities turn to net-zero for green premium

Environmentally sustainable practices are being built into mining processes in the hope that there will be a market for net-zero commodities.

  • Christopher Niesche

Price of renewable power is on a downward spiral

Wind and solar are the cheapest source of electricity generation in Australia and despite short-term pressures, they will remain the cheapest source available.

  • Nicki Bourlioufas

Consumer demand for EVs overtaking political will

The future of automobiles is undoubtedly electric. EVs could be price competitive within five years.

  • Tony Davis

Government must hit the ground running on emissions reduction

With legislation in place to meet the 43 per cent national emissions target by 2030, we have no time to waste, minister Chris Bowen says.

  • Jacob Greber