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Health & Education

This Month

Extend generous work rights to more international graduates: ACCI

A key business group says the federal government should tap into the supply of international graduates to help address workforce shortages.

  • Julie Hare

Miles Advisory enrols suitors for childcare biz Story House

Liked Affinity Education? Meet Story House.

  • Anthony Macdonald, Sarah Thompson and Kanika Sood

Pandemic inquiry must learn lessons, not play the blame game

What is required now is calm, dispassionate, depoliticised analysis of what went right or wrong, to learn the policy lessons for the next crisis.

  • The AFR View

A fix to unworkable industry agreements for unis is essential

It is in the federal government’s interest that universities optimise their educational impact by improving industrial agreements with academics.

  • Ian Anderson and Robert Griew


Poor COVID-19 data reporting points to need for an Australian CDC

The shift to weekly updates was meant to create a reliable national snapshot of the pandemic. Instead, it led to a rash of errors and data that defied common sense.

  • Tom Burton

COVID-19 booster for young children gets provisional approval

The medicines’ regulator has given provisional approval to a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine booster for children aged five to 11.

  • Maureen Dettre and Dominic Giannini

COVID-19 wave will be lower and slower: Sutton

Victorian chief health officer Professor Brett Sutton has softened his prediction of a repeat of winter’s crippling omicron wave.

  • Tom Burton

New weekly COVID reporting is ‘useless’

New weekly COVID reporting has been described as messy, useless and uncoordinated after a mishmash of reports were released Friday.

  • Tom Burton

For a healthier Australia: businesses doing their bit

When it comes to promoting the health of our nation, some businesses have made it their mission to do their bit.


by Woolworths Group

An inquisition into Australia’s great school funding rort

The challenge now is remedial action to help the disadvantaged and other low-performing students that ‘giving a Gonski’ has left behind.

  • The AFR View

New era for living with COVID-19

Limited isolation and weekly reporting are part of a new relaxed approach to living with the virus, and come despite official predictions of another wave before Christmas.

  • Tom Burton

This researcher is a threat to the medical establishment

Michelle Dowsey’s discovery that many knee replacements can be avoided through weight loss explains part of what’s wrong with the Australian economy.

  • Aaron Patrick

Masks come off for international airline arrivals

The mask mandate for international airline arrivals is to be dropped from midnight on Thursday, as health authorities move to report COVID-19 metrics weekly.

  • Tom Burton

Allegro, Tanarra lender syndicate to take control of Camp Australia

Camp Australia’s rollercoaster ride with Bain Capital is just about complete, with the company’s lenders set to take the keys as early as this week. 

  • Anthony Macdonald, Sarah Thompson and Kanika Sood

Let’s give the nanny a tax break

If Labor was serious about childcare, it would offer a flexible model that suited families and not pile subsidies onto the already well-off.

  • Amanda Stoker

Australia’s ambition in jobs and skills start in the classroom

Governments have to stay committed to NAPLAN. Testing does not commoditise students, but is the best way of monitoring and supporting them.

  • Dallas McInerney

Isolation reduced despite warnings of Christmas wave

National cabinet agreed to reduce isolation period despite official predictions another omicron wave would emerge before Christmas which could be as bad as winter’s wave which killed nearly 5400 people.

  • Tom Burton

A resurging training sector could reap $11.7 billion funding agreement

For years, the vocational education and training sector has been underfunded and under-loved and seen as the poor cousin of universities. That’s about to change.

  • Julie Hare

Taking too many pills? You might need ‘deprescribing’

The burden of people taking inappropriate or too many medications is a major public health challenge, experts say.

  • Jill Margo

University accord should challenge the conformity of higher education

The generic tertiary funding model has radically expanded the graduate population but has stifled innovation in course offerings.

  • Tom Burton