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Enterprise IT


Digital agency ‘humiliated’ by adverse audit office review

Digital Transformation Agency chief Chris Fechner says he and his agency were humiliated by a scathing audit office report on nine of its procurements.

  • Tom Burton

This Month

Optus breach was huge, but companies lose our data all the time

Freedom of information requests reveal there were at least 11 data breaches affecting 10,000 people or more people in just the first six months of this year.

  • John Davidson

Review cybersecurity for consumer data right: report

Time should be taken to mature the consumer data right before expanding it beyond banking, a Treasury-commissioned review has found.

  • Tom Burton


Optus rings the data reform bells

The telco’s data breach has kick-started an overhaul of Australia’s ailing data privacy, security and management laws.

  • Tom Burton

Who will lead citizen-first government in Canberra?

The roll-out the new multibillion-dollar myGov service platform offers the government a huge opportunity to finally embrace true citizen-centric government.

  • Tom Burton

BOQ calls in tech giant to help build its future

Bank of Queensland boss George Frazis says a new five-year deal with Microsoft to co-develop tech products will help it gain a digital lead on rivals.

  • Paul Smith


Westpac pours millions into US AI chatbot firm

The bank aims to expand the use and efficacy of communication by artificial intelligence and has invested heavily in the US tech company that makes it work.

  • Paul Smith

Time for business to put humanity into AI automation plans

Companies have automated significant parts of their business processes, but have largely ignored the “human” element that customers and employees value.

  • Mohit Sharma

CBA hires new tech chief

Commonwealth Bank has looked to the UK, poaching a top executive from HSBC to lead its extensive technology operations.

  • Paul Smith

Nearly a third of companies failing to tackle tech challenges: survey

A third of respondents to a Governance Institute of Australia survey said it was not important for directors to have high-level technology skills.

  • Sally Patten

How to remedy the tech sector’s talent shortage

An education system struggling to respond to the needs of the tech sector, and a sector unable to manage its own skill needs, are bedevilling the digital economy.

  • Tom Burton

The tech problem that caused Qantas flight chaos

Qantas passengers were stranded on tarmac around the country on Sunday night, being told only that it was a “computer issue,” the real problem has now been revealed.

  • Tess Bennett


Amazon shows it can generate sales while slowing spending

With costs rising, Amazon in February increased the price of a Prime membership in the US, then followed this week with similar hikes in Europe. It didn’t faze consumers.

  • Spencer Soper

Tech execs say ANZ won’t deliver on Suncorp integration

The tech integration of Suncorp into ANZ will be the difference between a successful merger and a ludicrously expensive bolt-on. Experts say success is unlikely.

  • Paul Smith

Privacy: test case for biometrics

The privacy commissioner’s investigation of the use of facial recognition technology by Bunnings, Kmart and The Good Guys is set to be a test case for the use of biometrics to thwart theft.

  • Tom Burton

Sustainability push means tech takes the biscuit at Arnott’s

As well as helping it anticipate an Aussie craze for gluten-free snacks, the transformation chief at Arnott’s says smarter tech is changing how it works sustainably.

  • Paul Smith

Low adoption of AI is hurting Australia in the global field

Australia is at risk of becoming a low-skilled economy without a serious commitment to investing in new technologies like artificial intelligence.

  • Therese Raft

Tech spending holds strong as software firms hike prices

New projections from Gartner show Australian organisations are increasing their technology spend, while software firms are blaming interest rates as they look to hike their prices.

  • Tess Bennett

Privacy probe of Bunnings, Kmart use of facial recognition technology

The Office of Australian Information Commissioner has opened an investigation into Bunnings and Kmart’s use of facial recognition technology to prevent shoplifting

  • Tom Burton


Dreyfus pledges sweeping data privacy reforms

After more than a decade of stalled reforms, new attorney-general Mark Dreyfus is pledging to bring sweeping reforms to Australia’s anachronistic data privacy laws.

  • Tom Burton