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Inside China

This Month

Xi Jinping’s third term is a tragic error

China’s macroeconomic, microeconomic and environmental difficulties remain largely unaddressed.

  • Martin Wolf

Don’t ignore China’s big problem amid market madness

Jim Chanos says investors are sleeping on China’s massive property problems. Australia’s miners will be hoping a new round of stimulus measures finally work.

  • Updated
  • James Thomson

Xi warns of ‘great struggles’ on the road to respected global power

China’s leader says the country has never been closer to realising its rejuvenation ambitions, but admits ‘struggles’ lie ahead.

  • Michael Smith


US and Pacific Islands agree ‘big dollar’ partnership to counter China

The Biden administration is hosting a summit with Pacific Island leaders in Washington to forge closer ties and stem China’s influence in the region.

  • David Brunnstrom, Alexandra Alper and Michael Martina

Albanese tells US, Japan he’s committed to ‘free Indo-Pacific’

The prime minister met Japan’s Fumio Kishida and US Vice President Kamala Harris before Shinzo Abe’s state funeral in Tokyo.

  • Michael Smith

China selects party loyalists to decide Xi’s third term

China has selected the 2296 men and women who will make up next month’s 20th Party Congress where Xi Jinping is expected to be appointed ruler for another five years.

  • Michael Smith

Where Russia goes, China tends to follow ... but much more carefully

For Beijing, Moscow is becoming a model of what not to do, and that bodes well for peace across the Taiwan Strait.

  • Nancy Qian

Why China is unlikely to abandon its zero-COVID policy

In the Communist Party’s dogmatic adherence to its plan, zero COVID is beginning to resemble China’s former one-child policy.

  • Michael Schuman

Xi, Putin building ‘more just world order’, says top envoy

President Xi Jinping is due to meet his Russian counterpart this week, during his first trip outside China since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Expect much lower growth from China

The latest economic data suggests the government has yet to stem the property market slump, and weakness has spilled over into household and business sentiments.

  • Gerwin Bell

COVID crackdown leaves China’s Mooncake Festival half-baked

Domestic travel in China is grinding to a halt as tougher COVID-19 rules choke travel before two of the country’s big holidays.

  • Michael Smith

Twilight of China entrepreneurs as more leave the country

China’s billionaire tycoons are becoming the outsiders in an increasingly state-driven economy that prioritises politics and national security over growth.

  • Keith Bradsher

No easy way out of China’s zero COVID bind

Beijing has backed itself into a corner. Three years of its uncompromising, heavy-handed approach of imposing lockdowns, quarantines and mass testing to isolate infections have left it little room to change course.

  • Vivian Wang

Xi, Putin set for meeting as relations with West fray

The visit underlines the importance of the China-Russia relationship to Beijing, even as China has come under heightened criticism for supporting Russia throughout the war on Ukraine.

  • Sarah Zheng

China’s economy takes hit from global slowdown as exports weaken

China’s slowdown is rippling across the world, with weak import figures spelling bad news for major commodity producers such as Australia and Brazil.

  • Bloomberg News

To residents, ‘mainland’ is a dirty word in Taiwan

The island shares the same language and traditions as China, but many of its people say they identify more with democracies like Australia.

  • Michael Smith

China carried out ‘patterns of torture’ in Xinjiang, UN finds

The UN human rights office published its long-awaited report into serious human rights violations against Uighurs, despite pressure from China to halt its release.

  • Jamey Keaten and Edith M. Lederer


Japan plans big defence spending boost to counter rising China threat

Tokyo seeks to boost its military following growing Taiwan tensions and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  • Kana Inagaki

Taiwan tensions rise as Xi Jinping prepares to rule for life

Beijing has set the date for an historic Communist Party Congress that is expected to appoint Xi Jinping leader for a third term.

  • Updated
  • Michael Smith

The US may not lose its economic crown to China after all

Former US Treasury boss Lawrence Summers says China faces “all kinds” of financial and social challenges that no amount of stimulus can fix.

  • Karen Maley