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This Month

Skoda delivers an updated, sportier SUV

Starting at $68,390, the seven-seat Kodiak RS is a niche proposition – but no niche seems too small for the Australian market.

  • Tony Davis

This exec likes to race against the clock for self-improvement

Adobe Asia-Pacific president Simon Tate is a super sprinter – in a Porsche GT3 race car. He answers our Time Out Q&A.

  • Life & Leisure


New car snapshot: The Rolls-Royce Phantom 8 Series II

The first customer models of the Rolls flagship are rolling into Australia now, worth $1.05 million (plus) apiece.

  • Tony Davis

You’ll have to wait for the first full-sized Range Rover since 2012

With an average drive-away total of well above $300,000, there must be a lot of Rangie enthusiasts out there...

  • Tony Davis

There’s no other scooter quite like it (yet): BMW introduces the CE 04

It’s lean, quick and runs solely on batteries. This revolutionary vehicle is priced from $20,350, but you won’t have to pay for petrol.

  • Tony Davis

In time for summer: Chevrolet’s Corvette Stingray C8 convertible

But you’ll be hard-pressed to get hold of this right-hand drive American icon in open-top form: There are waiting lists around the world.

  • Tony Davis

When is an SUV not an SUV? When it’s the $700k Ferrari Purosangue

It’s comfortable and good for all conditions (if not all budgets). The head of product development explains the thinking behind the brand’s first family car

  • Tony Davis

Ferrari succumbs to SUV trend with a $700,000 offering

Ferrari has finally given in to the strongest trend in motoring to produce an SUV, although the Italian sports carmaker refuses to call it that.

  • Tony Davis

Kia’s Niro EV is a compact SUV with a price tag that belies its size

This fully electric car is outshone by the hugely popular EV6, but it’s a likeable consolation prize if you can’t get hold of one of those.

  • Tony Davis

Audi S3 sedan: Hot-hatch fun without the hatch

This go-fast variant of the carmaker’s smallest sedan does double duty as a weekend sports machine and a pleasant commuter.

  • Tony Davis

Porsche family seeks redemption with IPO

More than a decade after the billionaire Porsche clan waved goodbye to its crown jewel, it is set to claw back more influence over the sports car maker.

  • Monica Raymunt and Christoph Rauwald

It’s eccentric, yes, but Subaru’s second-gen BRZ is just so much fun

The two-door sports coupe introduced in 2012 has been reskinned, and this time it’s an even rarer beast.

  • Tony Davis

Can Max Verstappen win again on the famed circuit of Zandvoort?

The Dutch racetrack has been the setting for Formula 1 tragedy and triumph in the past. Today, it is even more challenging.

  • Tony Davis


This Father’s Day, spoil Dad with this $3m track car

Failing that, how about a Lego F1 McClaren and a quartet of Porsche socks? We’ve got you covered.

  • Tony Davis

Bentley’s Bentayga S: Space, speed and a sonorous V8

The new variant has a unique bodykit, loads of features and an incredibly sumptuous interior. You’ll still have to fill it up, though.

  • Tony Davis

You can drive this $5.2m Gran Turismo supercar in real life

Owners who are especially keen to live out their Formula One fantasies can purchase all the accessories they need to kit out the McLaren Solus GT in real life.

  • Hannah Elliott

Why car makers say the right things but want to sell more utes

Australians buy more dirty SUVs, utes and expensive high-performance cars than other countries. They are also more profitable for car makers.

  • Tony Davis

No Italy trip planned? No worries, test-drive this new Maserati here

Maserati is giving its Australian market a chance to experience the new MC20, right here Down Under.

  • Tony Davis

The incredible hulk: Hummer’s electric vehicle thrills off-road

It’s 5.5 metres long, 2.2 metres wide and weighs 4082 kilograms. But the moment you touch the throttle, it’s fast, controllable and responsive.

  • Tony Davis

Porsche Taycan RWD: It’s not as fast but has all the speed you need

The basic electric sports car has dramatic styling, a simple yet elegant interior and instant response. All for $159,700 plus on-road costs.

  • Tony Davis