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South America

This Month

Investors love and hate Lula a decade after he made them very rich

Brazilโ€™s election is shaping up as the most consequential for the economy in years and could trigger a flow of money back into the country.

  • Felipe Marques and Vinicius Andrade

Bolsonaro turns Brazilโ€™s bicentennial into campaign rally

Mr Bolsonaro, who trails former President Luiz Inรกcio Lula da Silva in polls before the October 2 vote, drew tens of thousands of supporters to rallies in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

  • Carla Bridi and Mauricio Savarese

Chile decisively rejects new leftist constitution

Chileโ€™s giant copper and lithium industries will be relieved by the outcome given the proposed charter signalled tougher environmental and community rules.

  • Valentina Fuentes and Matthew Malinowski

Health officials probe Argentina pneumonia cases; three dead

The illnesses have been centred around a private medical clinic in the city of San Miguel de Tucumรกn, Argentinaโ€™s fifth-largest city.

  • Madison Muller and Riley Griffin

Gunman misfires in attempt to shoot Argentine vice president

The vice president did not appear to have suffered any injury, and the man was overpowered within seconds as he stood among a crowd of her supporters.

  • Debora Rey and Almudena Calatrava


Ex-rebel sworn in as Colombiaโ€™s president in historic shift

Gustavo Petro has said the country will stop granting new licences for oil exploration and will ban fracking projects.

  • Manuel Rueda