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The definitive list of our best and brightest next generation of entrepreneurs, aged 40 and younger. See whoโ€™s up, whoโ€™s down and meet the debutants in the Financial Review Young Rich list.


The hidden clause VCs are slipping in to hedge their bets on crypto

Finder chief executive Fred Schebesta says some investors are trying to introduce new terms to claw back their money if things go awry at crypto start-ups.

  • Emma Connors

โ€˜The best business advice is printed on Nike t-shirtsโ€™

He quit his job as a consultant to sell TVs on eBay for 1c. By 31, Ruslan Kogan had landed on the Financial Review Rich List after building online retail group Hereโ€™s what heโ€™s learnt.

  • Julie-anne Sprague

This Rich Lister quit his job as a consultant to sell TVs for 1ยข

While living in a Melbourne housing commission flat, a young Ruslan Kogan honed his selling skills, making a buck selling golf balls and washing cars.

  • Julie-anne Sprague

KordaMentha: Soda Shades should be wound up

The sunglasses company co-founded by social media influencer and a Young Rich Lister had some early success but ran into trouble in 2021.

  • Carrie LaFrenz

โ€˜My best mateโ€™: tributes flow for green grazier Tom Strachan

The horse whisperer turned labour hire Young Rich Lister turned farmer on a sustainability mission has been remembered as an inspiration.

  • Michael Bailey


โ€˜Sure, of course I canโ€™: From uni dropout to young rich list

Aaron Hornlimann, 35, is behind a company whose technology makes it easier for people to get in and out of airports.

  • Julie-anne Sprague

Want to be a Rich Lister? Get up at 4am, take an ice bath, meditate

Simon Beard says being an entrepreneur is like trying to make it to the NBA. His days are literally planned to the minute. Hear his story on the How I Made It podcast. Listen for free.

  • Julie-anne Sprague

From tight-arse teenager to the Rich List

Culture Kings founder Simon Beard grew up in Mount Isa, ran a market stall on the Gold Coast and last year cut a deal to sell his company s for more than $600 million.ย Hereโ€™s how.

  • Julie-anne Sprague

Rich list tips: donโ€™t study law (unless you really want to)

Crypto rich lister Robbie Ferguson tells the How I Made It podcast budding founders should hire slowly, donโ€™t study law, donโ€™t get caught in the hype, and read.

  • Julie-anne Sprague

The Rich Lister tipping a crypto rebound

Australiaโ€™s youngest Rich Lister used to frustrate his parents by devoting a lot of time to video games. Now he co-owns a company worth $3.5 billion.

  • Julie-anne Sprague

Rich Lister โ€˜crypto kingโ€™ admits losing big in Luna crash

Self-proclaimed โ€˜crypto kingโ€™ Fred Schebesta admits he lost โ€œquite a lot of moneyโ€ in the Luna/Terra collapse, despite saying at the time that he had sold out.ย 

  • Jessica Sier

Tammy Hembrowโ€™s 13 lessons to turn $400 into $38m

Tammy Hembrow says founders should obsess about success, fake it till you make it, and warns that sleep is overrated. Listen to her story on the How I Made It podcast for free.

  • Julie-anne Sprague

How this 28-year-old built a $38m fortune

Tammy Hembrow started her business empire with $400 and plenty of ambition. She reveals the secrets to her success the How I Made It podcast. Listen for free.

  • Julie-anne Sprague


Young Rich Lister quits start-up, leaves millions in unpaid invoices

Emma Gibson has walked away from debtors including shipping companies and social media influencers after quitting as CEO of wellness start-up Aquamamma.

  • Jessica Sier

KordaMentha kicks off sale of Young Rich Listerโ€™s sunnies group

More than $1 million of sunglasses stock is at the centre of a legal dispute between the administrator and a suppler.

  • Carrie LaFrenz


Why this Young Rich Lister skips a meal (and stays fit)

Comparison site Finder.comโ€™s co-founder, Fred Schebesta, usually goes without lunch or dinner, but his device is another matter.

  • Sally Patten

These Rich Listers just lost billions

The nationโ€™s wealthiest people have lost more than $11 billion in value this week, led by iron ore magnates Gina Rinehart and Andrew Forrest and tech duo Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar.

  • Julie-anne Sprague and Michael Bailey


This yearโ€™s 13 new Rich Listers include a 25-year-old uni dropout

Thereโ€™s a new wave of wealth entering the Rich List. Of the 13 new entrants, seven are aged 40 or under.

  • Julie-anne Sprague and Michael Bailey

Aussie expat returns home with $267m after selling his crypto start-up

Michael Dunworth left Sydney to try his luck in Silicon Valley in 2013, after an aborted plan involving doing laundry dressed as Spider-Man, he struck gold with crypto payments.

  • Jessica Sier

Chalice asks opponents to see the forest for the trees

An Australian critical minerals discovery is at the centre of debate over whether pursuit of metals for decarbonisation can justify local environmental damage.

  • Peter Ker


Young Rich Listerโ€™s fast rise and fall

Domm Holland raised $168 million from big names like Stripe, but his one-click online checkout hopeful Fast will close this week after less than three years.

  • Michael Bailey


Young Rich Lister hit with unpaid bills, pay dispute claims

Private investigators are looking to serve Robert Bates with court documents claiming unpaid invoices abroad, while an ex-staff member claims they are missing pay and superannuation.

  • Jessica Sier


The yin and yang that made Canva a $55b behemoth

Heโ€™s good at learning. Sheโ€™s got leadership intuition pre-baked. Meet Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht, the couple behind Canva.

  • Jessica Sier

Silicon Valley spent years rejecting Canva. Now theyโ€™re eating it up

The companyโ€™s progress is a tale of a bright idea, persistence and great timing.

  • Jessica Sier

Why Canva believes most venture-capital investors need courage

Canva co-founder Cliff Obrecht has some frank words regarding the venture capital process and says most investors are mere followers.

  • Jessica Sier