Little League World Series player who fell from bunk bed suffers second fall in hospital, status improving: 'Grateful and blessed to have witnessed yet another miracle'

Easton Oliverson, a player on the Utah Little League team who was hospitalized after falling from a bunk bed in Williamsport, continues to make rapid steps toward recovery.

Oliverson's family posted on Facebook on Aug. 17 that Easton was no longer sedated and he has been communicating with the family and doctors. They said he was fed some spoonfuls of pudding and was able to drink water through a straw. He also received and watched a video from Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts.

Throughout the week, his condition improved, as he was no longer sedated as of Wednesday and was out of intensive care on Thursday and eating by himself, per Instagram updates from the family. On Saturday, the family posted he could return to Utah as early as Tuesday.

The family posted an update on Aug. 21, saying that Oliverson had fallen while going to the bathroom by himself, but announced later that the CT scans following the incident came back normal.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported on Aug. 15 that Oliverson, 12, was flown to a Pennsylvania hospital for surgery after he fell off the top bunk. The family was notified of the incident around 2:30 a.m. MT (4:30 a.m. ET). Spencer Beck, Oliverson's uncle, told TMZ Sports Oliverson suffered a fractured skull and was placed in a medically induced coma.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported one of Oliverson's teammates woke up after Oliverson fell off the bunk bed in the dorm room in Williamsport and requested help. Oliverson, whose nickname is Tank, was taken to a children's hospital and underwent emergency surgery. He was recovering in the intensive care unit as doctors waited for the swelling in his brain to go down.

"Had that other player not been wakened by him falling, he may not have made it," Beck told The Salt Lake Tribune.

The Snow Canyon Little League All-Star team made history this year to become the first team from Utah to reach the Little League World Series.

The team went 3-0 during Mountain Region play. It was the first year the Mountain Region had existed. Previously, Utah had been part of the West region, which included Arizona, Nevada, Northern California, Southern California and Hawaii.

"It's kind of surreal still to be the first team from Utah and the first team from the Mountain Region. I think that's going to take some time to set in," head coach Mark Ence told The Spectrum. "I'm just proud of the coaches. I couldn't be here without our other two coaches and proud of the kids for being resilient. Two of the three games we started out down and had to come back."

Beck told The Salt Lake Tribune the team was still holding practice because "I'm sure that's what Easton would want." Jace Oliverson, Easton Oliverson's father and one of the team's coaches, told Snow Canyon Little League to continue playing in the tournament, per TMZ Sports. On Aug. 18, Snow Canyon Little League added Oliverson's brother, Brogan Oliverson, to the team's roster to maintain the 13-player roster, according to Little League. The team was eliminated from the Little League World Series on Sunday.

"While our hearts are heavy, we are committed as a team to have an opportunity to take part in something that is only dreamt about by others," the team said in a statement, according to TMZ Sports.

Edward Sutelan is a content producer at The Sporting News.