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Putin Vows ‘Anti-Colonial’ War on West

In perhaps his most fiery anti-Western speech following Russia’s supposed annexation of parts of Ukraine, Putin dramatically escalated his threats against Western influence.
Paul D. Shinkman

Congress OKs Bill to Fund Government

The bill now heads to the desk of President Joe Biden, who is expected to sign it ahead of a midnight deadline to fund the government.
Kaia Hubbard

Best Countries

U.S. News Unveils 2022 Best Countries

The country reclaimed its spot atop the list after a one-year hiatus, while the United States moved up again in the annual rankings.


7 Best REIT ETFs to Buy

A rising interest rate environment is reshaping real estate.

World Report

Russian Draftees Face Hard Times

The Kremlin acknowledged some of the mass shortcomings facing the 300,000 reservists it is calling up, expressing ‘hope’ the circumstances will improve.


The Best Sources for Lean Protein

Getting enough protein is an essential part of any healthy diet.

The Report

Trump’s Long March to Q

With the former president’s orbit shrinking, he has shrouded himself in the imagery of the fringe conspiracy group QAnon.

Paying for College

Student Loan Consolidation: What to Know

Consolidating federal student loans allows borrowers to streamline payments, but there are other important considerations.


Foods That Are Good for Your Eyes

Carrots are great for your eyes, and so are an array of other foods.


6 Best Health Care ETFs to Buy

Health care sector funds offer investors a combination of defensiveness and attractive valuations.