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Whistleblower: 665 Left FBI Over Misconduct in Two Decades

A U.S. senator says a whistleblower has alleged that an internal review found 665 FBI personnel have resigned or retired to avoid accountability in misconduct probes over the past two decades.

Biden Pardons Thousands With Federal Convictions for 'Simple Possession' of Marijuana, Calls for States to Follow Suit

Biden pardons thousands with federal convictions for 'simple possession' of marijuana, calls for states to follow suit.

Wisconsin Judge Blocks Absentee Ballot Spoiling

A Wisconsin judge is prohibiting voters from canceling their original absentee ballot and casting a new one, siding with a conservative group that said the practice known as ballot spoiling is illegal.

Immigration Will Vex Biden No Matter Who Controls Congress

President Joe Biden says he is committed to “fixing our immigration system for good.".

US Hits Iran With More Sanctions Over Mahsa Amini Death

The U.S. has imposed more sanctions on Iranian government officials in response to the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

18 Months in Prison for Man Who Threatened Colorado Official

A Nebraska man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for online threats he made last year against Colorado’s top elections official in one of the first cases brought by a federal task force devoted to protecting elections workers across the U.S. who have been subject to increasing threats.

FBI Finds US Crime Rate Steady in 2021, but Data Incomplete

The FBI estimates violent crime rates didn’t increase substantially last year, though they remained above pre-pandemic levels, according to annual crime data.

Police to Limit Mississippi Capital Roadblocks After Lawsuit

Police in Mississippi’s capital city have agreed to pull back on aggressive roadblocks.

US Raid in Syria Kills Islamic State Insurgent, Captures 2

U.S. officials say that U.S. special operations forces conducted a raid in northeast Syria overnight, killing an Islamic State insurgent who was involved in smuggling weapons and fighters.