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SCOTUS Facing Judgment

The Supreme Court returns to the bench on Monday, seeking a fresh start to the new term. But the public conscience is still reckoning with the last.

Photos You Should See - Sept. 2022

U.S. News photo editors curate this month's most compelling images from at home and abroad.

Trump’s Long March to Q

With the former president’s orbit shrinking, he has shrouded himself in the imagery of the fringe conspiracy group QAnon.

The Fed’s Friendly Fire (And Rain)

The chairman of the Federal Reserve may have a lot to say about the upcoming midterm elections.

A Sea Change at Mar-a-Lago

A month after the search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, the ground has shifted under the former president, who is seeing allies and adherents alike reconsider their support.

The Long and Winding Pandemic

While many Americans are acting as if the pandemic is a thing of the past, the Biden administration has warned that the U.S. could see 100 million COVID-19 infections in the fall and winter.

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Party

Democratic candidates may do best for themselves this midterm season by bragging about President Joe Biden's successes – without actually attaching themselves to the man himself.

Wins and Warrants Roil Trump's Party of One

A ping pong political week for Donald Trump that saw electoral wins and legal losses underscored the high-stakes situation for GOP candidates and the party itself.

Schools Open on a New Year, a New Normal

As roughly a third of public school students return to classrooms this week, the K-12 landscape seems more settled, cohesive and confident than in recent years – at least for now.